LAAHU Committees

Committee Chairs are all Board Members

If you are interested in serving on a committee, we welcome you to send us an email
[email protected]

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Legislative Committee

• Managing and coordinating the legislative and regulatory activities of your chapter,
• Serving as the link between your chapter members and the other chapters in your state, and
• Serving as the link between your state and the national Government Affairs staff, the Legislative Council, and the national and state boards regarding legislative and regulatory issues of interest to the association


• Making every effort toward growing your membership, while contributing toward common goals of the chapter, as a committee member.
• Maintaining good membership records.
• Promoting monthly dues payments through recurring monthly payments – members on bank draft have a higher retention rate than annual paying members.
• Promoting chapter involvement in the Region of Membership Excellence (RME) contest.
• Understanding and utilizing eCommerce – NABIP’s online membership database system.
• Participating in monthly teleconference calls with your State – Regional – National committees.


Media Relations Committee

• Compiles a list of local print and broadcast media contacts.
• Sends press releases and advisories to media contacts responding to targeted legislative issues as well as promoting the chapter.
• Forwards NABIP press releases on national issues to media contacts with a local spin

Retention Committee

If membership is the lifeblood, then recruiting and retention are the heart. Recruiting new members is one of the most important tasks that your chapter will face during the year. It is important because a vibrant and healthy chapter has to grow, and the only way to ensure that your chapter continues to be a strong, powerful voice is to keep its numbers multiplying. There is definitely strength in numbers! 
Retaining members is definitely important and is vital to our association.

Professional Development Committee

The purpose is to identify key areas of the market in need of course delivery that will be of value to the NABIP membership.
The chair will work in coordination with their board to accomplish its goals.
The chair’s primary goal is to increase membership and chapter revenues by promoting education value. Ultimately this responsibility, along with improving the knowledge and expertise of the members.

Political Action Committee

The purpose of the NABIP's National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals Political Action Committee (NABIP PAC) is to raise funds from NABIP members for the purpose of supporting the political campaigns of candidates who believe in private sector solutions for the health and financial security of all Americans.



Mission and Purpose: To provide diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) experiences that actively engages us in learning from each other to mitigate unconscious bias, educate on racial injustice, exclude discrimination of all forms, increase equity, and foster inclusion throughout the National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals (NABIP).

• Foster a welcoming environment where all people feel valued for their individual contributions
• Raise awareness of any harassment, discriminatory, or bullying behaviors, biased or unbiased, and how to identify and mitigate them
• Develop education programs that align with the diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

Public Service Community Outreach

1) Review local needs and opportunities with community health and welfare leaders.
2) Make a list of causes that will benefit the most from the type of assistance your chapter members can provide. Given NABIP members’ essential role in the health care delivery system, programs pertaining to health issues are natural choices, but not the only appropriate ones.
3) Consider the level of involvement your chapter can offer, and evaluate opportunities accordingly. For example, if your chapter is able to contribute money but not volunteer time, this is an important factor when evaluating the suitability of a project.
4) Discuss the list with the chapter board or at a regular membership meeting and be prepared to make a recommendation on a single activity or project.


Communications Committee

• Compiles and distributes newsletter.
• Notifies the membership of upcoming meetings and professional development events.
• Keeps the membership informed on chapter events, changes and recognition.


NABIP is the only trade organization representing professional agents and brokers who work with Medicare beneficiaries and Medicare products. A long history of working on Medicare issues on Capitol Hill has resulted in strong relationships with legislators. In addition, growing influence with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) makes NABIP your valued choice for advocacy and professional development.

Vanguard Committee

We are:
• Innovative
• Problem Solvers
• Networkers
• Philanthropist
• Leaders of Tomorrow

The purpose of the Vanguard Council is to lead the movement for change and innovation within the association. As a research and development incubator, the council will pilot, test and conceptualize new programming for long-term growth, retention and engagement.
We are:
• Membership – How do we get more members?
• Retention – How do we keep current members engaged?
• Media – How do we become more active on social media?
• Legislative – How do we get more involved with our local legislators? • Professional Development – How de we find new topics of interest for our members?
• Networking – How do we engage our members outside of formal meetings?
• Public Service – How can we help our community more?


The usual duties of the Secretary are: 
• To record and keep minutes of all meetings as well as attendance • To make a report to the chapter at the annual meeting and at other times as required.
• Communicate board information, reports and other information as requested by the state chapter, Regional Vice President and national office.
• Submits to the proper officer or committee all communications from the state and national associations.
Much of the success of an association depends upon the manner in which the Secretary does their job and the accuracy of the records which are shared with the incoming officers.