Paladin Award

The Paladin is LAAHU’s most prestigious award. Each year a six‐member Committee comprised of the four most recent Paladin recipients, the Immediate Past President and the President‐Elect meet to discuss and select the LAAHU member who best meets the established criteria for this most honored award.  

The Criteria The Paladin is the member who most
• Contributed “directly” to the Association
• Provided service or assistance to others within the Association and or industry
• Acted as a leader or coach who challenged others to aspire to a greater goal or understanding
• Provided leadership, coaching or assistance in more than one discipline (education, legislation, marketing, sales, etc.)
• Provided leadership over a period of time indicating a long term commitment

Past Honorees

2021  Brian Sullivan
2020  No 
2019  No Recipient
2018  Bobbi Kaelin
2017  Dawn McFarland
2016  Julianne Broyles
2014  Joe Navarro
2013  Sima Reid
2012  John Edmonds
2011  Ken Doyle
2010  Dierdre Kennedy‐Simington
2009  Dave Style
2008  MD Sam Smith
2007  Lloyd Baum
2006  Shauna Benson
2005  Bruce D. Benton
2004  Jeffrey R. Miles
2003  David Benson
2002  David Nelson
2001  Joan Bumgarner
2000  John J. Nelson
1999  Bill Robinson
1998  Tom Polenzani
1997  Barry Fisher
1996  Helene Freedman
1995  California Broker Magazine and 1995 Centerstone Excellerator Magazine
1994  Carla Magarity
1993  Roy Rogaway
1992  Alan Katz
1991  Bruce Baichman
1990  Chuck Rhoden
1989  Tom Petersen