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NABIP PAC’s purpose is to raise funds from NABIP members for the purpose of supporting the political campaigns of Congressional candidates who believe in private sector solutions for the health and financial security of all Americans. Like CAHIP-PAC, NABIP PAC is non-partisan.

NABIP PAC by the Numbers


CAHIP-PAC’s mission is to facilitate, with strategically targeted political contributions, the legislative and advocacy program of CAHIP with a primary emphasis on supporting the role of the agent in the delivery of private health insurance and to protect our clients from misguided legislation.

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California DOI

California Department of Insurance.

CA License Status Inquiry

California Agents - Check your license status.

California State Assembly

The California State Assembly is the lower house of the California State Legislature. The State Assembly convenes, along with the State Senate at the California State Capitol in Sacramento.

California State Senate

The California State Senate is the upper house of the California State Legislature. The State Senate convenes, along with the State Assembly, at the California State Capitol in Sacramento.

United States House of Representatives

The United States House of Representatives is the lower house of the United States Congress, with the Senate being the upper house

United States Senate

The United States Senate is the upper chamber of the United States Congress, which, along with the United States House of Representatives—the lower chamber—constitutes the legislature of the United States.

NABIP Advocacy

NABIP conducts advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels of government to advance the interests of health insurance professionals and to promote affordable and responsible private health insurance market solutions.

NABIP Operation Shout!

Through Operation Shout, you as a member have the opportunity to participate in this process. As legislative needs arise, you will be prompted by staff to participate in Operation Shout.

Legislative Update for VCAHU & LAAHU - October 27, 2020

In Memoriam for M. Lloyd Baum

Lloyd Baum was awarded LAAHU’s coveted Paladin Award in 2007. This is an annual award that recognizes a LAAHU member who has gone far beyond others in contributing to the Association; is always willing to provide service and assistance to others; is a leader and coach who challenges others to aspire to a greater cause, and has done this over a period of time indicating a long term commitment.
His 17 years of service in LAAHU and also with both the State and National Association of Health Underwriters, Lloyd’s contributions were experienced by probably more people than we will ever know. His compassion, dedication, and generosity go well beyond what anyone could ever expect from both an individual and an Association Member.  

1928 – 2009
“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”
(From Jackie Robinson and found in the front of Lloyd’s Day-Timer)
Lloyd Baum Memorial


LAAHU members make a difference in Washington and Sacramento.


What happens in Sacramento and Washington impacts your clients, your profession, and America’s health care system. Health Underwriters evaluate pending legislation and take action to make sure your voice is heard.

California Priority Bills

Legislative Committee/Adopt a Legislator

What makes Health Underwriters a potent force in shaping legislation is our members’ personal relationships with lawmakers. Members become trusted advisers and sounding boards to their local representatives. You can be a part of this grassroots effort by participating in LAAHU’s Adopt a Legislator program.

Position Papers

Congress expects organizations to complain about the proposed legislation. But they respect those groups who offer solutions. No organization can have an impact if their answer to every proposal is a strident “no.” Health Underwriters has developed in-depth policy papers on issues that matter–another reason why lawmakers hold the organization in such high regard.

Save the Date

Each year LAAHU members join colleagues from around the state to visit lawmakers in Sacramento and from across the country to meet with representatives in Washington. Join us there and make a difference. To view NABIP’s next Day at the Capitol in Washington, check https://nabip.org/. To view CAHIP’s upcoming Capitol Summit in Sacramento, check http://www.cahu.org/.